Friday, April 25, 2014

Kitties are wonderful things

I should know. I have seven of them. Some days, they get along famously and other days, I have to ponder if I'm not the only one who needs a full pot of coffee before anyone is allowed to speak to or touch me. It's hiss.hiss.scratch.scratch.yeOOowwwWW all the live.long day.
At any rate. Real life has been crazy, so I've not done much of anything online worth mentioning, though I did get a chance to put together a lil' pussypic. I have a few projects started and will get them finished, eventually, I expect. Sucks having to start something, then having to push it to the back burner, but it'll be there when things calm down at work and shit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Show and Tell

I've started on building a new necklace, but my ADD has been pretty extreme this week, so I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast on any project I've got going. Save for making pretty pictures. I've made a few of those. Sometimes I think that doing them is the only thing that can calm my mind when it's all over the place.
In other news, Jamie and I went for a picnic and hike this weekend with the weather being all nice and warm, in the low 80's and now today? It's freaking snowing. -.-
Yeah. I don't know.

Our new beach sim. I need to take more pics of it, but we did the decorating during a really hectic time with our schedule and I've just not got around to doing that, yet. That's on the list, though.

This is where we had our picnic. I love, love, love sitting by streams with the sun warming my skin. Makes me all too happy.
And the trail we took for our hike. Also the trail that we wandered off for wallowing around. Yes. Wallowing around. We'll stick to that story.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Don't spill food on your shirt

Because I love showing pics of our dinners. And esp. when it's spaghetti. I'm sorry I'm not, truly, but I cook amazing spaghetti. Just don't spill any on your shirt. Speaking of shirts, I have one up for sale price for GFW at Jersey Shore. Get it this weekend for only 70L

If you've watched That 70's Show, (my current obsession) you'll get this. If you haven't or don't, well, you should. It's physically impossible to remain in a shit mood when it's playing.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We're off to see the wizard

100 Block starts today, around noon SLT. Be sure to check out this event and all the exclusives at half off the normal selling price. Yep, 50% off all exclusive items! Over 100 of your favorite brands all in one place. This is going to be an awesome event! Plus they're having a photo contest with tons of prizes from participating stores to win. All you talented photographers and graphic artists don't miss the opportunity to try and win one of the awesome prize packages. Find all the info on this here:

SLURL to 100 Block:

7mad;Ravens and /heathenesque/ are honored to be part of this event and we got our stores all set up in time, which was a feat, considering we had a lot of work to do with beefing up Jamie's inventory for /heathenesque/. He's been so busy with helping me with 7mad, that his shop had gone neglected. Lots of nice stuff there for you ladies to check out. 100 % original mesh boots with cute matching outfits that are a bit on the retro side. Girly and sexy all in one go. I blame the retro on That 70's Show, which we've been watching religiously while we've been creating.

A pic of the /heathenesque/ shop at 100 Block. While there, don't forget to grab the free gift by the door. All skin tight items come with Lolas and Phat/Cute Ass appliers. No need to purchase them separately.
The Chunkers boots come in 10 individual colors, each with color change huds that allow for texturing the overlaying bracers, studs and heels and each shoe separately. Because you never know when you want to wear mixmatched shoes. :D In each pack, you'll also find two versions, one with gold buckles and zippers and another with silver buckles and zippers. All have low script resizers for easy and fast fitting to your preference. There is a Natural Fatpack and a Pastel Fatpack. There are also the matching outfits, retrogasm, and these come in pastel and natural versions, as well, with lots of texture change options.

7mad;Ravens shop at 100 Block. I have the Bolt Chain sets for my exclusive item. Another 100 % original mesh and comes in six colors: silver, black, gold, bronze, rust and bloody. Each pack comes with temple and neck bolt chains, low script resizers and male and female versions for easier fitting. I've got a few other new releases up, as well, so be sure to check them out.

I'd also like to promote a friend's exclusive item, geek Hair. Wallflowers Pwn is a fun, super cute style that you can wear in several variations and with or without these nifty USB cords that she made to complement the style. This is such a fun, creative hair mesh that you'll be sure to want to snag while you're at the event. Esp. at 50 % off! Jada allowed me the opportunity to whip up some hair textures for her and we're both excited about how they look on her meshes. She's such a sweet, enchanting person and I'm happy we got to meet her and work with her. :D

Aaaaand now I have to go do my RL job. Noon today. 100 Block. Be there.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm cooking sausage

And scrambling eggs with onion and cheese. Those, sausages and cheddar biscuits is what's for breakfast. That, however, is irrelevant to this post.
I ponder if musicians, when making videos, feel odd singing to the camera. I would. Which is why I'm not in a band. And that's the only reason. Not really, but we'll go with that story, anyway. 
Stop distracting me from the purpose of this update.

Monday, April 7, 2014

100 Block Exclusive

7mad;Raven's exclusive for 100 Block, which starts April 9th. This is a 100% original mesh. Each set comes with a male and female version and low script resizers for easier fitting. These are going to be only sold at this event and for half the regular price for the month of April, so be sure to snag them before they go to full price, once the event is over.