Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stuffed turkey, stuffed belly

Happy I Ate Too Damn Much Day. Unlike many people, I'm not going to list a whole bunch of things that I'm thankful for and mostly because the things that I am thankful for, I tend to give thanks for those each and every day. I recall too easily what my life was like without the good things (and people) which are in it, now, so yes, appreciation is a daily thing for me.
In any event, Jamie and I bought a new Christmas tree and we're going to put that up, tonight, despite the fact that our cats have already tried to sabotage all the new ornaments that we bought. I know I'll be waking up each a.m. to find that they've knocked the thing over. That should be fun. -.-
And then this weekend, I suppose we might work on setting up the sim for winter. That's if we've finished all the items for the upcoming event. I got five of the meshes mapped and exported and have two of them textured and put together in world, but that still leaves about half a dozen more. After that, I have something that I want to mesh for 7mad;Ravens, though I'll probably do a crossover for IMVU, as well. Not sure, still debating on that.
And then there's Christmas shopping. We did some of that yesterday, which was during the time it was snowing pretty heavily and I must say, I do love shopping while it's snowing out. Just feels more like the holidays. I'll admit to it. . .I did buy TMNT wrapping paper. I'm such a dork. >.>
So yes. Busy, busy, busy.
Have a picture. G'day.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sneak Peek

Just a sneak peek at something that'll be coming to my shop, soon. I wanted a little something extra for an outfit that I'm working on for my kid's shop and I got that part finished, today. It's an original mesh that I've called Branchie Antlers, because one, I'm a bit lame with naming stuff, and two, because I wanted antlers that looked more like branches than deer antlers. I'm calling them antlers, anyway and that's that. They'll have resizer scripts in them, so you can make them smaller for your kid avis, if you want, or larger for your adults. Or you can leave them alone and say they're perfect, as is. Oh, the choices I give you. Because I'm nice like that.
Note: Even thought I made these to go with a complete outfit, I'll be selling them separate, as well.