Sunday, August 31, 2014

Green Mire Hunt II The Gathering

I'm so excited about MadPea Productions' Green Mire hunt. It's HUD based and you have to go on a storyline adventure, grabbing clues and playing it out until you reach the end. Only after finishing this can you go and grab your prizes. I hear all the time complaints that there isn't anything to do on Second Life (something I've never been able to fanthom, myself, because I'm always so busy on there), so here you go and have fun. A bit of info: The aliens have landed. . .

7mad;Ravens and Heathenesque did a collab prize for this and it's a nifty, all original mesh, brain sucking Alien MireHawk. It has a low script resizer, soft glow on the tubing and it's unisex, of course. Just from what I've seen, there are a lot of other great prizes, so this is one hunt you won't want to miss. Jamie and I are also really honored to have been able to set up a nice scene for the story's plot and I hope everyone enjoys what they'll find.
The HUD needed to play the hunt costs 100L and you can grab that at Green Mire or you'll be able to snag one at my mainstore, if you're by there. 7mad;Ravens Mainstore
Just try not to get taken by the aliens while you're doing this. I can't promise that they'll let you come back.
Anyway, here's our prize. The Green Mire Hunt II The Gathering begins tomorrow, Sept. 1st. EDITED-The hunt's start day has been changed to Sept 5,th at 11 a.m. SLT.

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